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▸ the neon used to burn so bright and pink

frank , they/them. Starborn-Alignment admin, here to help!!

Trans Flag Stamp by Gay-Mage-Of-Space Burrito stamp by Fisukenka
chibi by Queerly

▸ starborn alignment characters

Vidar | War-Forged | Raider (Bloody Flank Clan)

he/him | profile | tracker | moodboard

- Emotional, aggressive, petty, jovial, intellectual, elitist.
- Thinks he's a good person because he's a feminist. Definitely an asshole tho
- Has a freaky ghost head so everyone knows he's the bad guy
- Hero of the banished Bloody Flank Clan, captain of the Trespasser.
- Abandoned his clan in self-righteous fury after the death of his sister.
- He insists Astrid still lives, and is headed to Onea to find her captors.
- Holds strong convictions that go completely unchecked by his crew.
- Is becoming something terrible.

Antiope | Vagabond | The Flock

she/her | profile | tracker | moodboard

- Disciplined, taciturn, intense, virtuous.
- Probably never sleeps, idk.
- Larger than life with Absolutely no chill.
- Military officer for the Flight, Aquore's guerrilla pegasus liberation force.
- Has done nothing but fight for the cause in decades, at the cost of her identity.
- Is a symbol of unwavering resilience to her troops but also is a scary zealot who needs to relax.
- Has not been seen without a helmet on even one (1) time.

Caleb | Breim | Outsider

any pronouns | profile | tracker | moodboard

- Gentle, condescending, sensitive, lazy, vague.
- Actually a cat
- Thinks beautiful ideas are more important than honest ones
- Was one of Ignacio's Heralds in Old Valore, who translated the fire god's divine will into writing
- Feels a profound sense of loss from no longer being connected to Ignacio
- Has a great imagination and clever mind, but doing anything with it is, like, work
- bona fide Sad Girl TM

Aginor | Breim | Consul (to Aodh)

he/him | profile | tracker | moodboard

- droll, businesslike, secretive, considerate, observant
- lives to be boring
- is a wallflower so that people will say, like, anything in front of him
- has never offended anyone
- is a distant member of the Breim royal family, dedicated his life to avoiding scandal until the opportunity to train as Consul arose
- is better at his job than he wants you to believe
- loves argus enough to be covered in eyeballs
- his tats move

Nicodemus | Serora | Mullah

he/him or they/them | profile | tracker | moodboard

- Upbeat, independent, adventurous, insubordinate
- cryptid hunter 24/7
- born a labor slave in valore, lost his eye in a construction site accident
- was aided in escaping to Sedo as a teen, became a trail guide and eventually a mullah
- his life is a constant road trip crisscrossing Sedo
- if you go with him, he will make you believe in aliens
- works really hard but also gets high and talks to god
- tells the Best stories. gather round, children

Golgotha | Serora | Fury

she/her | profile | tracker | moodboard

- Daring, irreverent, bombastic, protective
- half dragon, half mom, half motorcycle
- the biggest and loudest friend you have, will do anything on a dare
- always doing cool stunts
- frequently gets yelled at by her Fury superiors for trying to be a big damn hero
- takes care of her parents on their farm, trains young Furies not to be as much of an idiot as she is
- lives in a truck stop

Pax | Aodh | Chevalier

he/him | profile | tracker | moodboard

- angery
- former fighting slave, fished from the pits because he resembles the king
- works as a body double for King Amadeus
- is woke af, hates his country but does his job bc he doesn't wanna die
- only cares about other slaves, nobles can eat ass
- has a pet mini dragon named Tulip, who also mean but loves him very much

(image coming soon)
Art of Tyrus

Tyrus | Aodh | Flamen

he/him | profile | tracker | moodboard

- charismatic, self-righteous, respected, probably delusional
- donkey pope
- flamen of the Ignis temple, where his family has been in charge for like 200 years
- is the spiritual guide to the Valore elite, rubs elbows with royalty
- was raised to believe that he was More Than Mortal, pretty much buys it
- pleasant and gentle, loves flowers
- thinks Amadeus is an idiot

Do you have a comfort movie/TV show that you put on to relax? 

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▸ a saturday night kind of pink


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▸hey little hollywood


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